Love In the Afternoon



loves labor

time and again

he had done the same thing.

my eyes closed,

his sensual movements

and slow steady breathing

told me what I did not need to see.

the strike of a match

the faint smell of sulfer

deep inhale and

it is as it always is.

after, our bodies, locked, embracing

we become one movement

with pounding hearts.

after, limbs entwined, slick glowing

soft moans, gentle groans.

after,we reaching higher and higher

till all is spent.

laying there were passion is done.

both as empty

as once our wine glasses were full.

we wait,


to once more be filled.


smoke rises slowly over our bodies

covering the sweetness of our labor.


he turns to me

his intense greens eyes

sedated for now.


About beloveddreamer486

I am a poet and and an artist.
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