The Dove


I heard just today

the sweet plaintive song

of the mourning dove.

Out my window I spy his soft gray white form

sitting lonely in the old oak tree

he sing a melody of gentle sighs

that speaks of love so true.

There is a sadness in his quiet voice

as call he must his mate

soft and low his honeyed coos

fills the damp still air.

In rain and chill sing he must

and find his one true love

to build a nest to share for life

or once again fly away

his sad song to sing.


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Moon Garden


come love walk with me

at the rising of the moon

where my flowers grow


sparkling at dusk

glinting flashing diamond gems

dancing till morns light


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Rising Sun


rising sun warms sky

summers heat dapples my skin

patterns in the shade

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Sea Shells


empty shells on waves

ride the tides of men’s loss souls

sand castles recede


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cement garden untended

sweet violets grow

stems push between tiny cracks


springs glory planted

long ago still remembers

one who once toiled there


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Carousel Memories


Colored in soft shades by my mind.

We each of us see a different story.

We each hold a moment in time.

Gone the kaleidoscope of life.

Moving hues so bright.

They burn beneath our eyes.

Gone the animation of living.

Left behind frail images of all my might have been’s..

My hastily given love only to be taken away again.

The carousel slows to a stop.

Oh that it might revolve backwards to my child’s self.

When all things were magical.


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Her Room



only whispers filled her mind.



gone the girl with light in her eyes.



no longer dared she look into the mirrors  image.



childish laughter echoed from barren walls.



silently watching shapes and shadows that played out her life



water stains like tears spoke of her life’s passings.



the once lovely paper in vibrant patters now faded and torn.



four walls made by herself.



each day staring for seconds hours years.



soon the pale wallpaper of time would fade to nothing.



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Twilight Sky


twilight sky

dark clouds speed towards night

setting sun

edge of earth

blush pink dancers fill the vault

morning just a dream

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Blue Green Sky’s


sun lite golden fields

simple pleasures of the day

wrapped in blue green sky’s

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Fair Oberon


through the mists and clouds
lies fair Oberon’s island
sweet one come to meI will call thee home
singing your fairy name
greet me with the dawn

my heart longs for you
come escape this magic place
brake free of all chains

sail away with me
on a glistening sea shell
to a green forest

together we’ll roam
through fields of thick golden rod
making love each day

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